4 Ideas For Small DIY Crafts

A truly one of a kind small craft idea is making snowflakes for Christmas tree ornaments or hanging winter decorations for a winter celebration. Cut a 3-inch diameter circle out of white construction paper. Fold the circle in half and then in half again. This time fold it in half and you’ll have a one eighth triangle. With a pen or pencil draw a jagged line down one side of the triangle starting one half inch from the pointed end through to the curved end. Then go back up to the same starting point and draw another jagged line down the other side ending again at the curved end. Cut with scissors only the jagged lines. Open the folded paper circle and you will have your own original snowflake to display.


Another easy small craft idea is creating cachets of potpourri. Cut a six-inch diameter circle out of any color of netting material. Put a small handful potpourri in the center. Cut off six inches of quarter inch wide ribbon of matching or contrasting color to the netting. Gather the outside circle of the netting making a pouch of potpourri and tie the ribbon around to secure it. This can be used to freshen clothing drawers and they can also make practical gifts.

Your kids can make a cute turtle out of CDs that you no longer use. Just trace the CD onto green craft foam and cut it out. Then glue the foam to the CD. Cut out octagons from the rest of the green felt and glue it together to make the shell. Cut out four legs from the felt and glue them to the underside of the CD. Glue googly eyes to the head, and your kid has a great turtle.


Small gift baskets can be made to fit any occasion. You could purchase small baskets at a craft store and fill them with candy to use as place favors at a child’s birthday. These same baskets can be filled with tea bags or flavored coffee packets for a ladies luncheon. Another idea would be to fill them with small items that would match each person’s likes at a dinner party. One could be filled with fishing lures and another with the person’s favorite cookies. Wrap the baskets with cellophane and secure it with a ribbon or bow.