Spring is when all the baby birds leave the nest to look for food. As a basic craft, one should create a unique bird feeder. To do this, find a large pine cone and tie a three to four foot piece of twine or yarn around the end. Mix two tablespoons of peanut butter and two tablespoons of butter, then spread the mixture onto the pine cone. Pour some birdseed into a shallow bowl and roll the pine cone in birdseed. Place the pine cone bird feeder in the freezer for an hour or until mixture is firm. Then hang it out on a tree limb close to a window and enjoy the live entertainment.


For more observation enjoyment build your own “bird spa.” Start with a clay planter for your base. Put a layer of small stones for the birds to stand on at the bottom, and fill it with water. Bury the clay planter up to the edge in the ground or in a window planter. You can plant flowers around the outside of the bird bath spa as a fragrant and a colorful addition.

Since Mother’s Day is a spring holiday, you should make a Valentine heart votive candle, which can be used for both holidays. First, choose an old cookie tin and spray it with nonstick cooking spray. Heat your pillar wax in a double boiler and add fragrance and color. Pour onto the cookie tin until about one half inch thick.


Allow time to cool the cookie dough consistency, then press a heart shaped cookie cutter into the wax. Be sure to allow each heart to harden. Heat one side of your square votive holder and place one wax heart on the inside of the holder. Hold in place until adhering, then repeat the process on all four sides. Secure your wick and heat your container wax in the double boiler. When the wax is 160 degrees, pour the container wax into the holder. Allow it to cool and cut your wick to 1/4 inch.